Installation Guide

When you purchase the Snughook® wall hook system, you will receive the following items:

Snughook backing plate and wall screws
  • An injection moulded Snughook® unit
  • A steel backing plate
  • Four screws and wall plugs (for installation in brick wall)
  • Two square drive security screws (you will need a square drive drill bit)

Installation Steps

Step 1 - Ensure you have a secure and flat wall surface available to mount the Snughook® system on. 

Step 2 - Position the backing plate with the top edge up. Check that the backing plate is level against the wall (use a spirit level) and then use a pencil to mark the drill hole positions. 

Step 3 - Use the supplied for wall screws and plugs to fix the backing plate to the wall, with one screw used for each corner of the backing plate. Please Note: when installing multiple units in a row we recommend leaving a minimum gap of 15mm between backing plates to allow the moulded Snughook® sections to fit. 

Step 4 - Position the moulded Snughook® unit at the top corner - please refer to image sequence below. Attach to both flanges simultaneously ensuring each point locks into place, slide until it sits firmly on the backing plate. If required, use a soft faced hammer to tap into position.

Step 5 - Fit the two security screws (using a square drive drill bit) into the pre-drilled holes. 

If you are experiencing any issues, feel free to get in touch with us at

Download installation guide document