Safest Hook in the World

Snughooks are manufactured in Perth, Australia and distributed through APC Storage Technology Pty Ltd.

APC are an Australian owned manufacturer based in Perth, and have been designing and engineering storage solutions for commercial and industrial applications since 1972. 

APC's consultative styled approach combined with a wealth of experience ensures our customers always receive the best possible solution for their unique requirements. 

About Snughooks

The Snughooks Story

Snughooks were invented by John Matthews, a Design & Technology Teacher of over 30 years, who understands all facets of busy school environments. 
During his career, John witnessed the hazards and injuries sustained by students from old protruding wall hooks, this inspired him to use his years of technical experience to deliver a safer alternative and designed the Snughook.  

During the design phase, John Matthews consulted with key people in the education sector and engineers to create a product that would be strong, durable, and safe. Forming this unique recessed design. 

To create more storage efficiency, the units can be installed as multiple tiers of safe storage. 

Designed in Australia, and 100% Australian owned, Snughooks are a safe and strong alternative.

"Snughooks are a remarkably simple design and yet so highly functional. Gone are the days of having student school bags left lying in corridors or classrooms only to be a trip hazard for students and staff. In addition, there is no longer the need to have bag hooks that protrude from walls only to present an additional hazard which may cause injury. Snughooks have allowed us to create a safer and more functional school environment in a cost effective manner." 

Keith Svendsen, Principal.

How are Snughooks made strong?

Snughooks are made of fully recyclable polycarbonate granule for injection moulding. This process creates a material that is tough and provides optimum heat resistance. The process is extremely efficient and any scrap material is fully recyclable and reused, ensuring very little to no waste during the manufacturing process. 

Snughooks have undergone load tests to ensure they are capable of safely withstanding certain forces placed upon them. Our tests have determined Snughooks can safely hold weights of up to 120Kgs per unit, making them ideal for storing a wide variety of everyday items

  • Aprons on safe hooks


  • Education

  • Reception areas