Wall Hooks

Wall hooks can transform a space and they don't need to cost the earth to elevate a space. Wall hooks can be used to hold bags, scarves, jackets and hats at a height that makes it easy for you to access. Wall hooks are available in a variety of shapes and yet the most common seems to be a protruding wall hook. 

When it comes to selecting a wall hook you need to consider the space it will be used in and the function that the wall hook will perform. Will you need the wall hook to hang heavy items, or will it be used for lighter items? Now consider the space the wall hook will be used. If you want a wall hook that will blend in with the overall aesthetic of the space then you should consider installing a sleek, slim and modern looking wall hook. 

Snughooks are a modern innovation to a wall hook solution. The Snughook has a slim profile and no sharp edges. The Snughook is unique in that it features a recessed hook design and what this means is that safety comes first. There are no protruding hooks with the Snughook making it a safe and strong wall hook solution. 

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