The Snughooks Story

Snughooks are unique in the market, in that there isn’t anything else out there like them.

Snughooks are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia. So how did Snughooks come about?

Snughooks were invented by Perth Design and Technology teacher John Matthews.

The design intent was to provide the user with the safest experience possible.

Mr Matthews said one of the main features of the design is that the hooks do not dangerously protrude into the space frequented by students or other people.

“This greatly reduces the possibility of injury,” he said. 

“Being a teacher, I know that schools are typically a hive of activity and hooks that stick out are very dangerous and can and do cause injury.”

Snughooks are recessed into an injection moulded plastic form.

“Snughooks can safely be placed in corridors to store bags off the floor to reduce tripping hazards and at the same time eliminate the dangers of protruding hooks,” Mr Matthews said.

“I believe that good design speaks for itself.”

Snughooks are also ideal for storing handbags, towels, jackets, coats, umbrellas and other items across a range of establishments including changing rooms and others.

“No part of the hook feature extends past the front face,” Mr Matthews said.

“The hooks greatly reduce the hazards in the school environment and look stylish and attractive.”

Mr Matthews designed the Snughooks using CAD. From here, he made a prototype which he took to the Innovation Centre of WA where he received funding to patent the design. 

Following consultation with key education infrastructure advisors and plastics engineers, a Polycarbonate/ABS alloy was chosen.

This material is known for its very high strength. Similar material is used in cockpit windscreens and bullet-resistant applications.

Snughooks have  also undergone load tests to ensure they’re capable of safely withstanding certain forces placed upon them. Our tests have determined Snughooks can safely hold weights of up to 120kg per section.

“There is a need for bag hooks to be both strong and safe,” Mr Matthews said.

“The Snughooks system is an advance on existing hooks in that the risk of personal injury or eye damage is greatly reduced if not eliminated. I believe my innovate solution will be seen as clearly advantageous in comparison to all others in the market.”


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