Spring Cleaning with Snughooks

With Spring now in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to get out the cleaning supplies and spruce up your classroom, office or home! After a long winter of neglected cleaning – your workspace is most likely in the need of some major reorganising.

It is important you have a clear place to store everything, and although some items have a clear storage space designated, personal items can quickly overcrowd a space if there is no specified place for storing them. Items such as bags, coats and hats that only require storing while you are in the office or classroom often get overlooked and thrown on the floor for the day.


Not only does having items thrown on the floor make a space more unorganised and cluttered, but also introduces tripping hazards. Wall hooks are a great option to temporarily store these items – keeping them highly accessible, but also off the floor.


Snughooks are a great hook alternative to a standard metal hook as they are a smooth, recessed hook with no sharp edges, further reducing potential safety hazards. 


Spring cleaning may take some time and effort but will be worth it in the long run. Once all your clutter is tidied and everything has a designated storage space you will feel great and your space will be much more efficient and inviting.

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