Save Space with Snughooks

Keeping school bags and other items off the ground helps to minimise trip hazards, damage to items kept in bags, and reduces clutter. Schools have traditionally opted for bag racks to store school bags. Unfortunately, these types of racks require floor space and can also be climbed on causing an unsafe environment. If placed outside the classroom, they take up hall space which can be a nuisance when hundreds of students are racing back to class. If used inside, they take up room which could be better utilised for classroom activities. School bags also have the tendency to get misplaced when stored on racks with countless other bags dumped on top or placed in front and they sometimes fall off causing damage to the contents of the bag.  

Snughooks are an easy to install wall hook designed to provide a space-effective and safe solution to storing bags and other items. Available in sections, you can install as many hooks as required. The smooth and recessed design ensures a clean look, as well as being safer than traditional protruding hooks. Bags are easy to locate, and there is even room above the hook to place a name sticker, if desired. Snughooks are also useful for storing more than just school bags, they can be used for coats, jackets, umbrellas, towels and a whole range of other items.

Snughooks get rid of the need for racks, saving on space and improving on overall image.

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