Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are one of the best storage solutions available for clothing. They are ideal for hanging safety coats, large winter coats, jackets, laboratory coats, scarves, aprons, hi-vis clothing and many more items. Coat hooks help to fight the clutter and keep your space clean and free from trip hazards. 

Coat hook for hanging coats and jackets

Snughooks are the perfect coat hook to help keep clothing organised and accessible at all times. The clean, minimal and functional design of the Snughook gives it a modern aesthetic making it a perfect coat hook solution in any space. 

Snughooks are unique in that there are no protruding hooks, The design features a smooth finish with no sharp edges and a recessed hook design that puts user safety first.

Snughooks are safe, strong, durable and capable of holding a combined weight of 120kg. Snughooks are made from polycarbonate and each unit comes with the fixtures and fittings you need to safely attach it to your wall.

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