Back to School with Snughooks

With Australian public schools returning for the second half of the year soon, ensuring all school facilities are prepared and ready for all their students is a must. Students need an accessible, easy to use system to place their school bags, hats and jackets when coming into a classroom to reduce clutter, remove tripping hazards and keep students stored items safe from damage.

Snughooks provides a convenient and safe alternative to regular classroom hooks for students to use. Unlike regular sharp metal bag hooks, Snughooks have been engineered to have a smooth, recessed hook design featuring no sharp edges, removing a dangerous hazard students are exposed to at schools. 

Snughooks are simple to install, coming with all the necessary screws to attach the hook making the transition from sharp steel hooks extremely simple. Available to purchase in sections, you can install as many hooks as required. Being designed and tested to support combined loads of up to 30kg each hook, Snughooks are also useful for storing more than just school bags, and can be used to store coats, jackets, hats and a whole range of other items.

Snughooks are a simple and safe solution for storing items in classrooms, eliminating the need for sharp metal hooks. Saving space, improving the overall image and reducing many unnecessary hazards commonly seen in classrooms around Australia.

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