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Schools should provide a safe environment for students. Why not make your school safer by removing the protruding hooks that can cause injury and pain? Hooks that stick out can also be broken off making them even more of a hazard.

The need to store school bags in educational institutions is evident. This need has, up until now, seen the use of many hook designs that protrude into areas of classrooms and corridors that young people move in throughout the school day. These places are often crowded and see a lot of traffic. Snughooks are a much safer option. 

  • Safe, Recessed Hook
  • Strong Polycarbonate/ABS alloy
  • Vandal/Impact Resistant

Because of the recessed design, Snughooks can be installed at lower levels compared to exposed hooks, allowing users to create multiple tiers and provide a safe storage option for young students who might not be able to reach hooks at higher levels.

Snughooks is a patented hook system and has design benefits that are obvious to those who work in schools.  

"Snughooks are a remarkably simple design and yet so highly functional. Gone are the days of having student school bags left lying in corridors or classrooms only to be a trip hazard for students and staff. In addition, there is no longer the need to have bag hooks that protrude from walls only to present an additional hazard which may cause injury. Snughooks have allowed us to create a safer and more functional school environment in a cost effective manner."
- Keith Svendsen, Principal.


Need safe bag hooks? Snughooks will supply a safer solution. Protruding hooks are not safe, bag racks look like bull bars on the walls and can be climbed on. Snughooks are the standout solution.

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