Snughook Installation Guide

Snughook wall installationWhen you purchase a Snughook, you will receive:

  • An injection moulded Snughook
  • A Backing Plate
  • Four Screws and wall plugs (for installation into brick)
  • Two square drive security screws

You will need one square drive drill bit.

Printable Snughooks Installation PDF

Step 1

Pick up the backing plate and place it on the wall in the desired position for installation. Use a spirit level against the backing plate and then mark the drill hole positions with a pencil. 

Step 2

Drill four holes where you have marked with your pencil and insert the wall plugs. Position the backing plate over the wall plugs and fix the backing plate to the wall using the four screws supplied (with one screw going into each corner of the plate). 

*When placing more than one Snughook in a line, please ensure that you leave a 10mm gap between backing sheets to allow the moulded sections to fit next to each other.

Snughook Backing sheet spacing demonstration

Step 3

Slide the moulded Snughook section from the top corner, over both flanges until it sits firmly on the backing plate. use a soft faced hammer to tap it into position if required. 

Step 4

Fit two security screws into the pre drilled holes with a square drive drill bit.

You have now installed the Snughook! If you are experiencing any issues, please watch the video, read the prinatble instructions and if you still need help, you can get in touch with us via email at

Detailed Specification Sheet of Snughook


If you require more information or guidance, please watch the video below.


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